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Newly printed passports, an attempted Putin assassination, planes loaded
with unknown corpses self destructing over Ukraine. It must be nice
knowing you can make a living writing anything you want without worrying
about integrity or dignity.

Donetsk 2014 by chir0n

It's clear and obvious this asshole selectively chooses what parts of biology
and history he agrees with and uses in his arguments.
I love it "3 woman and a dog mate they can't have children" :rofl:

Against homophobia by Gunsmithcat

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Threesome by Z3r0Shin

Honestly, I think they're trying too hard.

- yoko x yoko - by luminaura  Ernya: Twincest by veriitus

Jackalope Character by RuffledTail  COMMISSION for Curiouswonderland by phation  B.P.R.D. Sketch by SpencerPlatt

Bright Eyes by visaga  Dolphins by Vitaly-Sokol
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Stupid People by enchantma

I wish I could see how she started going off. Like, did someone set her off
or did she come already like that.
I've been on many trains in the Philly and NYC area, most of the time the
crazies need something to get started. Real or imagined.
"Long cocked bitch" :rofl:

:iconthatsracistplz:Thats Racist by Blastedon:iconthatsracistplz:

I think he should be arrested for saying car wrong:P
But damn, that chick is crazy!
"You know how many cops I've stripped for?!" :O_o:
She should lose her kids.

Shout Racist by iMaksim

This stuff is too funny. At first I thought it was just bullshit.
But guess what?! It's not!
Martians fighting Jews in Atlantis and everything! :rofl:

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz: Ridiculous by romanceofcrime

BRAND NEW NOSTALGIA - FINAL FANTASY by juntaro  Unite and Take Over cover by paulmaybury  Cat on it's feet. by royalboiler

NEW Meatspace cover by Andrew-Ross-MacLean  Sexy Scout - - by RalphNiese  SQUIRT-STONE ~ The Collected Plump Oyster Comics by BenjaminCee  Sir Beathan by NeverRider
It's the greatest evacuation/migration in human history and it's
happening right now.:eager:

Canada Grunge by xxoblivionxx

You must leave Canada immediately! They have blizzards, tornadoes, and
flash Earthquakes all at the same time! If you do not leave, with your
refrigerator, you will die. Hopefully everyone leaves Canada in time.

World Cup - Spain Wallpaper 01 by Ardila

Evil Baby by Xgblader

chibi coffee tymz C: by iSpaz247  B.P.R.D. Sketch by SpencerPlatt

Amorbo by javieralcalde
New videos on the profile page :eager:

These videos make Russia look like one big college town.

Strawberry Mosaic Jello by theresahelmer

I think this guy is a good preacher. :P

Ghost Peppers by SwordOfScotland

That kid is so easy to entertain:bucktooth:

Comet by Num1Noodle

This site has a list of the comets we can observe this year.
Just research them by name for more detailed information and
to see if you're in the proper region to see them. :eager:…

Comet Siding Spring
In October this comet is expected to come so close to Mars it
might actually hit the planet!:omfg:
This video uses big words that will hurt your brain, but it shows
you what might happen.…

LEGION AND TAI by javipascual213  bun gun by Chaotic-Muffin

Eagle Pass by artursadlos  Bear by daGohs
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THE BAT MAN by roxination

This is awesome!

Think Hot by vishstudio

OMG!Grrrlz is so dirty! :P

Kim is Death Proof by Joey-Zero

Visit these Deviants, they have awesome galleries

:icontaho:  :iconcryptid-creations:  :icondanluvisiart:
:icontsutsu-di:  :iconrhads:  :iconpascalcampion:
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Family Guy - Dumpster Baby by mukeni0

An American exchange student who got stuck in a giant vagina sculpture was freed by firefighters in southwestern Germany.…

A Florida man has been charged with attempted murder after throwing a pan of hot grease and grits at a man who was on his front porch.…

It's a dumpster by JessicaDru

Capybara Aviator by ursulav

Monkey by Kegg
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Plus a new poll :giggle:

FYI, I fish in the same area in a smaller boat :P

LiesLiesLies by LostKeep  Rue reference sheet by rah-bop   : death : by porkbun

Blade master nice doggy by Haidak   Calvin and hobbes color by skottieyoung      Utau: Lucius colour sketch by Ruriko-sama

Blood on Cloak 2 by mohzart   Wasteland Churches by Brosa

The Dangers of Late Night Mushroom Picking by imaginism           Simon_lee01 by pabgo

It's Okay by yuumei
3 new music videos plus 3 new art videos and a poll on the profile page :eager:

Necromancer by NegativeFeedback

Flag of the Holy Islamic Caliphate by DaneOfScandinavy

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have conquered enough territory to actually start their own country. It's tragic.

The incompetence, laziness, and general cowardice of the Iraqi government and military have utterly squandered the opportunity for freedom and prosperity
that was offered them when the United States deposed Saddam so many years ago.

10,000 plus Iraqi military and security forces abandoned a city when a mere 800
ISIS troops approached. Those deserters made it possible for ISIS to loot banks and military bases. Now ISIS employs American armored vehicles in combat in
both Iraq and Syria.

The Iraqi capital is now 3/5th surrounded by ISIS held territory.

Absolutely pathetic.

Daish by saint-max
Cyberpunk Concepts - 5 by GrainGnome  Girl 0 by Zoonoid  Kerosene by Verehin
character concept by Lagunaya  Pinup by GrainGnome  Kiiroto by elsevilla
Raven by kalkulation  C1 Niourk2 by lao-wa  Thanoroa - The Shining One by ShiftyMcGearJam
Can You Hear Me Now? by ShiftyMcGearJam  Griphone_Green by genek  morok by genek
Jinn by EGOR-URSUS  witch hunter by VASS-comics    Waiting at the wrong bus stop by david-sladek
Klimaye the Centaur by Brett2DBean  Sketch - Gulavisual by t-wei  More Devil Girl by mldoxy

Oh no, a mentally broken person stabs three, shoots up a neighborhood, and has a collection of insane You Tube rants. So let's blame guns and misogyny while
overlooking and ignoring mental illness and the inability of law enforcement and concerned family to legally neutralize nutjobs before they act. Jerks.

I have about 2,000 strawberries in the garden this year.:faint:
I do not even like strawberries.
HORROR by Joe-Roberts

Litchi and Sheena by Nao-Dignity

Godzilla was cool, I'm uber tempted to spoil the whole movie for everyone:rofl:
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H.R. Giger 1940-2014

The man, the myth, the legend......has passed away at the age of 74. :iconsobplz:

Heart of Darkness - Giger by NaatyDesign

I would watch this if it was a movie.....

Dora the explorer SALVATION by Tohad

I Love Video Games II by SammieSoon

Snapper demon version by polawat
9 new videos on the profile page :eager:

Chick beats the hell out of a punk
When she takes him down you see her really putting a hurt on
the guy. Too bad the dumpster, or whatever, was in the way.
That asshole needed his buddy to bail him out.

FIGHT by Anna-Phoenix

Loser gets nut crushed by teen superstar

Janice Kickboxing by MatthewLamar

mental dude's suicide on live broadcast
not too graphic

Suicide by zamzami

TOTAL WAR (Assault Troop V.2) by angelitoon  Fight - for your right - to party. by rek0

ROCKETT swamprotgut by deathbox-was-takenROCKETT CHAINSAWNECROLAPDANCE by deathbox-was-takenHarbinger by NegativeFeedbackCrab_king by noah-kh

Fake doctor and zombie shit :bucktooth:
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Oh shit, this guy is nuts and why are white trash rallying behind him?…

This never gets old. Especially considering that many Americans are seriously that stupid.

Pocahontas 2000 Poster by blitzcadet

Run away from IPhones!

Tread Lightly by sixlinepunk

You Know You Want to Eat Me by sixlinepunk

Ep 9 of 25
Episode 8 was tragic, and now the action picks up!

Zombie nurse by Sephiroth-ArtZombie by MaxGrecke

MXHC06 by MaximLardinois

The Crow by thurZ
No thinks or words. Just three videos with music and 2 pieces of really cool art.

Spirits Of The Dead by AbigailLarson
a night in the tiki room by lanbridge
5 new videos on the :iconvomitbear: profile page :eager:

A nine-month-old Pakistani baby accused of attempted murder has gone into hiding in an attempt to avoid charges that could be, maybe, somewhat overblown.  The baby was FINGER PRINTED and had to post bail!  The baby was charged with attempted murder of police.  Read more:…

I don't know what's worse, the NSA spying on everyone, fuck you NSA, or a police department finger printing and filing charges against a nine month old baby.............
How much of a douche do you have to be to FINGER PRINT a baby!?

On East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s website, they say they are, “shifting the paradigm to redefine the rehabilitation experience. We will provide you or your loved one with an unsurpassed level of care that will nurture body, mind, and spirit.” A man now suing the nursing home thinks that they might’ve shifted that paradigm a little too much when they hired strippers to perform for their patrons, as the New York Post reports.

It's many BINGO nights can you have?:bucktooth:

Two old school music videos below. Reminders of yesteryear.

Last Zombie Teaser 2 by joewight

Lz Inferno Cvr01 by joewight

Lz The Endcvr 3 by joewight

Last Zombie Teaser 3 by joewight
6 new videos on the profile page:eager:

The linked stories are really crazy, so be prepared to have your mind melt.:bucktooth:

"FOREIGN BODIES in the colon and rectum are frequently encountered in busy emergency departments. They are almost always self-administered by male patients. To initiate a discussion of the clinical entity of anal sexual eroticism, we present two cases, that of an elderly male patient with a peanut butter jar lodged in his rectum, and a younger man who had a large plastic vibrator on his rectal shelf."

Daily021 by PhillGonzo

Portada revista Critico by Pintureiro

Zombie vs Robot by Roboworks  DISNEY ZOMBIE MASTERWORKS - KHAN by leagueof1  THE LAST ADVENTURE IN DEATH 1 by leagueof1
2 new videos on me profile page :eager:

A 90-something year old man took the first bite out of his birthday cake and bit down nice and hard on a rat's tail.
His birthday was ruined.:bucktooth:
That was in New York State somewhere.
Remember kids, check the cake for rats before you eat it.

Cake by silentparagon

Hemp Milk by SRSmitty

Eye of the hunter by ryky

Noise-based particle movement by SkyFire2008

Danse Macabre -intrctv by muffaeluccioledripping random poetry 3D -intrctv by muffaelucciolerandom autopsy -intrctv by muffaelucciole
Serious, a guy somewhere in the United States, I think in the Pacific Northwest, called the police to report a strange light in the sky.
The police arrived, checked out his claim, and returned to inform the man that it was the moon.

A 68 year old woman called the police to report that her granddaughter refused to get her a beer. That was down south, of course.
She was arrested for domestic assault or something.

A man in Indiana called the police to order a cheeseburger. Nine times.

An upset woman in Florida called 9-1-1 to report that she was stuck in her car, the engine wouldn't start, the automatic windows didn't work, and it was getting really hot inside. The dispatcher advised the woman to unlock the door and get out of the car. She did. :rofl:

The Kiss by BobbyRubio

Kiss? by flora87

Bad Kiss by albertopoloianez

Vampire kiss by Vorndess

On the Armchair by andrahilde
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Oh look, more snow in the forecast. Great. That's snow every week for a month now:bucktooth:
I like the snow, but you know what? My body hurts. I just shoveled at least 3 tons of snow
this past week. Plus, after the snow the temperatures are going to fall through the floor again.
It all adds up to amazingly frustrating commutes because too many people do not take care of their
vehicles and most still have no idea how to drive in snow. Good times.

Penis Adoptables 3 (Halloween Edition) by AnnieHorrorAdopts

Zombie Survival Necklace Set by egyptianruin

.:Zombie Survival Message:. by UndeadWhiskey

Cuss by OriCozStamp: Swearing kids are funny by Riza-Izumi
Three new music videos and a poll on my profile page!

It's been snowing for like a week now. If it's not snow, it's ice rain.
I shoveled at least 10 tons of snow this week.
The snow has been wet and heavy so the snowblower is having trouble moving the stuff.
It's just easier to shovel it.:shakefist:

Awesome free game to play!
Build vehicles and fight!
Check it out!
I am GrendelKhan in that game.

Black Pegasus by Hideyoshi
Batmobile V.2 by SinAngelX

Raised by Zombies Episode 8!

Season One Marathon

Deer by SadistSkunkOperia icon by SadistSkunkThe Hunt by Allnamesinuse
018 - Michonne by JeremyTreece

Happy Valentine 2014 by pandabaka